Reimagined with punch and clarity:

Our training isn’t built by one mind, it’s fueled by the collective brilliance of men, women, engineers, electricians, business owners, and more. We even blend the perspectives of both beginners and industry veterans.

Why does this matter? It means you get training that’s relevant, insightful, and truly meets the needs of the solar industry. We don’t just teach, we understand.

Ready to experience the difference? Join us and unlock your solar potential.

Forget passive learning, embrace active mastery!

Tired of courses that talk at you, not with you? At our training program, you’re not just learning you’re actively mastering new skills.

Why is this different?

  • Real-world expertise: All our trainers are active professionals in the field, bringing you 100% relevant, up-to-date knowledge. No outdated theory here!

Unleash Your Solar Career: More Than Just Training

Imagine this: You graduate from top-notch solar training, armed with industry connections, a built-in network, and ongoing support. Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned pro seeking to optimize your business, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s why:

  • Training with a twist: Get more than just theory. We connect you with industry experts, manufacturers, and a powerful network of fellow trainees and graduates.

  • Lifelong learning: Our commitment doesn’t end with the course. We offer ongoing support and access to Africa’s largest PV installer network

The Sub-Saharan Africa College of Technology was founded on January 1, 2020, formerly known as GC Solar Training Academy. Adhering to the school-running philosophy of ” achieve their dreams and goals within the renewable Energy Industry”. We are committed to provide business guidance and technical support for the training work of all Top international branded products. We pride ourselves for building a centre that assist in the learning and developing of Hi-Tech entrepreneurs towards young and international talented people in Africa.



To empower individuals and communities in Sub-Saharan Africa through accessible, high-quality education and training in photovoltaic (PV) green card certification and solar product applications, driving sustainable energy development and economic growth.


To be the leading provider of innovative and practical PV green card and solar product training in Sub-Saharan Africa, recognized for:

  • Transforming lives: Equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to secure rewarding careers in the green energy sector.
  • Empowering communities: Fostering sustainable energy solutions and economic opportunities within Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Partnering for impact: Collaborating with industry leaders, governments, and development agencies to maximize our reach and impact.


  • Develop and deliver: Continuously improve and expand our curriculum, incorporating industry best practices and emerging technologies.
  • Partnerships: Forge strategic partnerships with solar companies, training institutions, and government agencies to enhance training content, quality, and accessibility.
  • Technology Integration: Utilize innovative teaching methods and technologies to ensure engaging and effective learning experiences.
  • Financial Sustainability: Explore diverse funding models, including grants, scholarships, and corporate partnerships, to ensure long-term financial stability and affordability.

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