Accreditation matters. That’s why our solar courses are recognized by national and international institutions. Earn an internationally recognized certificate upon completion, issued bySub Sarahan Africa.

Highlighting benefits:

Invest in quality training with internationally recognized accreditation. Get certified by Sub Sarahan Africa upon successful course completion, opening doors to wider career opportunities.

Emphasizing credibility:

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Our solar courses boast rigorous accreditation from national and international institutions. Earn a trusted certificate from Sub Sarahan Africa, recognized worldwide.

Focusing on international reach:

Go global with your solar skills. Our internationally accredited courses and Sub Sarahan Africa certificates equip you for success anywhere in the world.

National Accreditation SAPVIA PV GreenCard Installer Assessment Centre

Emphasis on accreditation and expertise:

  • Get SAPVIA-ready with Sub Sarahan Africa’s  accredited 5-Day PV Installer Course, the perfect stepping stone to your GreenCard.
  • Unlock your GreenCard potential with Sub Sarahan Africa’s  SAPVIA-endorsed training, meticulously aligned with the official installer course.
  • Master the skills for PV success: Sub Sarahan Africa’s  SAPVIA-approved program gives you the knowledge and confidence to ace the GreenCard assessment.

Highlighting the benefits and outcomes:

  • Fast-track your PV career with Sub Sarahan Africa’s  GreenCard-focused training – master the required skills in just 5 days.
  • Don’t settle for average, choose excellence: Sub Sarahan Africa’s  program prepares you for GreenCard success, opening doors to rewarding career opportunities.
  • Invest in your solar future: Sub Sarahan Africa’s  SAPVIA-aligned training equips you with the expertise and certification to thrive in the industry.

Adding a call to action:

  • Enroll today and take the first step towards your GreenCard: Experience Sub Sarahan Africa’s  premium PV training.
  • Ready to become a certified PV installer? Let Sub Sarahan Africa’s SAPVIA-backed program guide you to success. Contact us now!
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Unlock Your Career in Solar: Mastering the 5-Day Solar PV Installer Course

Become a certified Solar PV Installer in just 5 days! Developed by SAPVIA, this comprehensive course equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this dynamic field. Aligned with the Solar PV Installer Part Qualification (Curriculum Code 313109001, NQF Level 5), it opens doors to a rewarding career path.

What Will You Learn?

  • Solar PV System Fundamentals: Gain a deep understanding of how solar energy works, from photovoltaic cells to system components.
  • Installation & Wiring Techniques: Master the practical skills of safely and efficiently installing solar panels, inverters, and other equipment.
  • Electrical Safety & Codes: Learn critical safety procedures and adhere to electrical codes for top-notch installations.
  • System Testing & Commissioning: Understand how to test and troubleshoot solar PV systems for optimal performance.

More Than Just Training:

  • Industry-Experienced Trainers: Learn from experts with real-world experience who can guide you through the course.
  • Hands-on Training: Apply your theoretical knowledge through practical exercises and simulations.
  • Nationally Recognized Qualification: Upon successful completion of the course and assessment, you can apply for the Solar PV Installer Part Qualification under the QCTO.

Join the Growing Solar Workforce:

The solar industry is rapidly expanding, creating exciting career opportunities for qualified professionals. With this course, you’ll be well-positioned to:

  • Secure high-demand jobs: Gain the skills employers seek.
  • Contribute to a sustainable future: Be part of the shift towards clean energy.
  • Enjoy a rewarding career: Build a fulfilling future in a growing field.

Take the next step:

  • Explore the details of the 5-Day Solar PV Installer Course.
  • Learn more about the Solar PV Service Technician qualification.
  • Enroll now and take control of your future in solar!

Focusing on benefits:

Launch your solar career in South Africa! Graduates of our Sub-Saharan Africa PV Installer Assessment Centers in Johannesburg and Cape Town gain exclusive access to:

  • The SAPVIA endorsed installer database, opening doors to lucrative projects.
  • The PV GreenCard program, a fast track to becoming a certified Solar PV Service Technician.

Highlighting accessibility:

Get certified, close to home. With convenient locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town, our Sub-Saharan Africa PV Installer Assessment Centers offer South African graduates a clear path to success:

  • Join the trusted SAPVIA installer database.
  • Pursue the “Solar PV service technician” qualification upon MerSETA accreditation.