Terms and Conditions – Sub-Saharan Africa College of Technology

    1. Payment Terms:

    • Payment Requirement: Sub-Sarahan Africa (SSAC) mandates full payment in advance as a prerequisite for participation in any training event. Registration confirmation is expressly contingent upon the receipt of payment, and documentary evidence thereof should be expeditiously furnished to  info@ssac.tech

    • Reservation Assurance: It is imperative to acknowledge that the issuance of an invoice or the establishment of a “payment due” date, while pivotal in the process, shall by no means serve as an absolute guarantee of admittance to a training course. Absolute assurance of participation is exclusively conferred upon the completion of full payment. Notably, it is incumbent upon prospective participants to comprehend that our training facilities in Cape Town and Midrand are constrained by a maximum capacity of 30 individuals.

    • Timely Remittance: The expeditious remittance of payment upon receipt of the invoicing documentation is strongly encouraged. To secure a placement within their preferred training session, prospective participants are advised to effect payment on the day of invoice reception. It is further prudent to initiate contact with our office during its regular business hours prior to the remittance of payment, with a view towards ensuring course availability.

    1. PV Green Card Assessments – Late Arrivals:

    • Theory Assessment: The commencement of the theory assessment protocol is precisely scheduled for 09h00. Any deviation in punctuality for the theory assessment shall, regrettably, deduct from the allotted examination duration. No leniency shall be extended in the form of additional time.

    • Practical Assessment: In reference to the practical assessment, the precise initiation time is 09h00. To partake in the practical assessment, participants are to report to the venue no later than 30 minutes preceding the stipulated commencement time. Delays beyond the scheduled commencement time shall result in the forfeiture of participation rights. It is incumbent upon prospective participants to recognize that a subsequent rescheduling of the practical assessment shall incur an administrative fee equating to 20% of the course fee.

    1. Cancellation, Transfers, and Registrant Change Policies:

    • Participant Cancellations:

    • Cancellation Timeframes:

    • Cancellations effected with a minimum lead time of 14 calendar days from the event commencement date shall not incur any financial penalty.

    • Cancellations executed within the time frame spanning 13 to 5 calendar days prior to the event initiation shall invoke a financial obligation amounting to 20% of the course fee.

    • Cancellations carried out within the time frame of 4 to 1 calendar days anterior to the event’s inception shall necessitate the complete settlement of the course fee.

    • Event Cancellations by SSAC: It is vital to elucidate that SSAC explicitly retains the prerogative to annul an event in the eventuality that it does not attain a minimum participant quota of 10 attendees, or due to unforeseeable exigencies. In such instances, a full refund of the course fee shall be promptly disbursed. Participants shall be apprised of the cancellation a minimum of 10 days prior to the scheduled training date.

    • No Shows and Medical Emergencies:

    • No Shows: Participants who formally register for a course but subsequently fail to attend shall remain beholden to the full course fee, irrespective of their physical absence.

    • Medical Emergencies: In circumstances necessitating a medical emergency response or upon the presentation of a positive Covid PCR test result, the onus shall rest upon the participant to substantiate the veracity of their condition. Upon satisfaction of this requirement, an administrative levy of 20% shall be imposed, solely permitting rescheduling to an alternative date as the exclusive recourse.

    1. Transfers and Registrant Changes:

    • Transfers:

    • Transfer Provisions: Participants are granted the privilege of transferring a registrant to an alternative event provided that a minimum of 14 calendar days precedes the initiation of the forthcoming event. The financial implications, including charges or refunds arising from discrepancies in the event pricing, shall duly apply.

    • Registrant Change:

    • Registrant Modification: Pertaining to the modification of the registrant originally enrolled for an event, such changes shall be permissible up to 1 working day antecedent to the scheduled event.

    1. Issuing of Certificates:

    • Certificate Disbursement: It is imperative to underscore that SSAC shall confer certificates of training only to participants whose attendance rate attains or exceeds the threshold of 90%.

    1. SSAC Copyright:

    • Intellectual Property Rights: SSAC, incontestably, retains sole and unassailable intellectual property rights over all training materials, including but not limited to syllabi, course materials, exercises, and instructional aids. The unauthorized reproduction, exhibition, provision, sale, or dissemination of course materials received from SSAC is categorically proscribed.

    1. Indemnity:

    • Premises Access and Liability Disclaimer: Any and all individuals who undertake entry into the premises owned or operated by SSAC, inclusive of parking and practical areas, do so at their own peril. SSAC, encompassing its employees, agents, representatives, contractors, managers, or any individuals acting under its dominion, shall not bear any liability for claims or damages, whether direct or indirect, arising from such entry. Said claims or damages encompass, but are not limited to, personal injury, demise, harm, or loss or destruction of goods and property. This exclusion of liability pertains to negligent acts on the part of SSAC, regardless of the cause, including but not limited to collision, fire, theft, rain, hail, or any other causal factor.

    1. Data Protection and Privacy:

    • Data Handling: SSAC diligently observes the strictures of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPI). Noteworthy is the fact that our training endeavors are executed in collaboration with local partners. Consequently, participant contact details and registration particulars may be transmitted to third parties to facilitate the seamless preparation and execution of training initiatives. It should be duly noted that personal data may be archived on servers domiciled outside the geographical confines of South Africa. Specific details germane to this aspect are comprehensively expounded upon in our comprehensive privacy policy.

It is imperative to recognize that these terms and conditions may be susceptible to periodic revision. Therefore, it is advised that interested parties consistently consult the most current iteration as made available on our official website or within our official documentation.